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Tribe Body is a warm and engaging, boutique studio and is a unique destination for dancers of all ages. Our classes are customized to address the dancer’s needs starting at age 2 though their teen years, and then on into adulthood. As the student grows and develops their skills, Tribe Body is there developing along with the individual student’s needs, no matter where they are in their dance journey. Whether you are a recreational dancer or an aspiring professional, we have a class program for you.

For more than 35 years I’ve been teaching dance classes designed to improve lives. I’m honored to have a staff of professional dance teachers that you won’t find anywhere else. Our teachers work professionally in New York City and internationally. They bring their expertise and knowledge to all of the Tribe Body classes, enabling us to offer a vast array of highly sought after disciplines under one roof.

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Having fun whenever possible is a core tenant of all of Tribe Body’s classes.

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If you feel you need to discuss your current dance needs and what program or class you feel best suits your personal goals, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 201.818.3007 or email our team at support@tribebody.com. Your question will be directed to one of our expert instructors.

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